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A Brief 53 Years Hanging Loose With The Honolulu Quarterback Club

By Chris Faria

As a youth, under my mother's guidance, I practiced piano diligently, tended to my education, and otherwise avoided many sports with kids in the neighborhood.

However this did not stop me from hiking (distance walking in those days), over to watch athletes at University of Hawaii, at Oahu College Punahou School Field, or Moiliili field, then a major playground. I viewed them with envy hoping to participate someday.

I never have been an "athlete" in the true sense of the word. My athletic career has been devoted to organizing and promoting sports clubs, events and individuals over many years, making me an authority in this field.

Beginning in 1934, "big time sports" included roller skate racing at Honolulu Harbor Pier #15, bicycle racing with Coach Peter Schubert, pit crew with Louis Abrams, Dad Apana's hydro boats, and a small row boat working with barge and outrigger canoes in Honolulu Harbor.

The outbreak of World Was II, December 7th, meant I had no chance or choice of college, so I became an undercover Honolulu police recruit with my only sports inter-department volleyball, basketball, weights, and baseball.

Between my on and off police duties and the return of sports programs in the 1940s and 1950s, I returned to volunteer activities with my water sports events: outrigger canoe racing,power boat racing, water ski tournaments with the later two sanctioned by the national "American Power Boat Association" and "American Water Ski Association" as a Hawaii Race Commissioner.

It was during this early period, while participating and promoting these thrilling events, that I became a fixture and active supporter with the Honolulu Quarterback Club. I will attempt to give readers a BRIEF view of my memories of this "Hang Loose" HONOLULU QUARTERBACK CLUB organization.

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