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Honolulu Quarterback Club

This Hawaii sports media were instrumental in helping establish the Honolulu Quarterback Club, and were equally instrumental in establishing the Sports Person of the Month award program. Yet until now, the media has not been singly recognized for its own contributions to sports in the islands. This award is designed to provide this recognition..

2009 Les Keiter Award


Don Robbs - is selected for his excellent work in sports broadcasting for over the past 40 years mostly here in Hawai'i but beginning at St. Cloud State over 50 years ago.  Upon arriving to Hawai'i in 1962, Don signed on with Radio Station K-POI and became one of the original "Poi Boys" along with broadcast legends, Tom Moffatt, Dave Donnelly, Bob "the Beard" and Donn Taylor.  During his career he moved to Japan and was involved in that country's biggest PR firm for the 64' Olympics along with other assignments.  Don returned to Hawai'i in 1967 and joined KHVH-TV (now KITV) as news anchor and also had a daily variety show.  During this time he became involved with UH athletics, teaming up with Al Michaels and broadcasting UH football and doing "play by play" of some UH basketball games during the "Fabulous Five" era.  During the same period, in the early 1970's, he teamed up with Les Keiter broadcasting Hawai'i Islanders  baseball.  In 1976, Don left Hawai'i for ownership in a radio station on the mainland but it was ill-fated.  Back came Don to Hawai'i as the KHVH News Radio Station Manager.  The following year, he began his long tenure broadcasting UH Baseball.  In the early 1990's, Don moved to PBS Hawai'i and there he became a corporate vice president of the company owning KHVH as well as broadcast stations in Guam and American Samoa.  While involved in corporate America, he continued to broadcast sports as a side job.  Then in 2000, he thought he could retire as CEO of Hawai'i Public Television but, that didn't last long as Cox Radio ask him to be a consultant to help build an all-sports radio station, ESPN1420.  Don continues to work with the station, broadcasting UH Baseball "play by play" and UH football pre-game and halftime shows. He thinks he is truly "semi-retired".  This is Don's 34th season of UH baseball, making him the senior (meaning "oldest"?) college baseball broadcaster in the country.  Recently he completed his 2,000th broadcast of Rainbow baseball and also had the honor of "calling" every "no hitter" by a Rainbow pitcher, every post-season game, including the College World Series in 1980 and watching dozens of future major leaguers play for or against the Rainbows.  Over the years, Don has broadcast "play by play" of football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, horse racing, the Honolulu Marathon and even Sumo.

2009 Don Robbs -long-time radio and TV broadcaster 2008 Ann Miller, Honolulu Advertiser
2007 Cindy Luis, Honolulu Sta- Bulletin 2006 Jim Leahey - long-time sports anouncer

2008 Les Keiter Award


Ann Miller - has been a prominent contributor to the Honolulu Advertiser for nearly 30 year, covering University of Hawai'i women's volleyball, golfers of all ages, tennis and Olympic athletes. During her career, she has enlightened readers with in-depth stories of athletes as young as 10 (Michelle Wie) and as old as 90 (Aileen Riggin Soule). She has covered NCAA volleyball championships in 1992, '83 and '87, the craze surrounding Wie at tournaments here and on the Mainland, and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. In the early years, she also covered high school sports, including ILH boys basketball and girls high school basketball.


2007 Les Keiter Award


Cindy Luis - has been covering sports for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin for the past 26 years, starting first as a reporter and holding various positions from writer to columnist to assistant sports editor and sports editor. Her coverage of Title IX and gender equity issues, including her features on the 30th anniversary of Title IX, have been hallmarks in following and understanding the impact and progress of Women's athletics in Hawai'i


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