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The Neal Blaisdell Award was established in 1975, and is awarded to any professional or non professional athlete or other person in the field of sports, who, throughout the years, has devoted his or her exemplary efforts to bring great recognition to sports in Hawaii.

2009 Neal Shaw Blaisdell Award


Chester Chee - Chester is a 22 year volunteer in OIA Soccer.  He has been keeping his own records and stats in the OIA East and West since 1998.  He covers every game during the soccer season, often missing Christmas and other gatherings in favor of doing his "duty".  Chester covers something like 980 games annually, gathering stats and reporting these scores to the media.  He also collects and compiles the data for every HHSAA girls and boys state tournament match, and has done this for every year over two decades.  He is fastidious about the record keeping, and "trained" all of the coaches Oahu to call him with information after their games so he can compile and forward the information to the media.  Known for his selflessness and humility, Chester started collecting soccer stats when his sons were playing, because he then realized no one else was doing it.  The media have come to count on him as if he were one of their own.

Past Recipients:

2009 Chester Chee - soccer 2008 Thomas Holden, Punahou School Athletic Director
2007 Marilyn Moniz Kahoohanohano, UH Associate AD 2006 Mufi Hannemann, Mayor, Honolulu
2005 Keith Amemiya, HHSAA President 2004 James Barahal, Honolulu Marathon President
2003 Brian Derby, Football Camp Organizer 2002 Don Murphy, Nakoa Football Boosters
2001 Keith Amemiya, HHSAA President 2000 Allen Richardson, Olympic Swimming Physician
1999 Les Murakami, UH Baseball Coach 1998 Fred Borsch, Sports Writer
1997 Jim Leahy, Sportscaster 1996 Wilfred Navalta, BYUH Volleyball Coach
1995 Earl Galdeira, Football Official 1994 Cal Lee, St. Louis Football Coach
1993 Marcia Cherner-Klompus, Aloha Bowl 1992 Bob Wagner, UH Football Coach
1991 Barbara Velasco, Aloha State Games 1990 Les Keiter, Sportscaster
1989 Albert Minn, Swimming Coach/Organizer 1988 Jack Sullivan, Soccer Organizer
1987 Dave Shoji, UH Volleyball Coach 1986 Tommy Kono, National Weightlifting Coach
1985 Mackey Yanagisawa, Hula Bowl Founder 1984 Jimmy "Timo" Mitchell, Football Official
1983 Sharon Peterson, UH Hilo Volleyball Coach 1982 Mervin Lopes, Basketball Coach
1981 John Velasco, Jr. Football Coach 1980 Richard Gooch, Yacht Race Organizer
1979 Mackey Yanagisawa, Sports Promoter 1978 Vernon "Red" McQueen, Sports Editor
1977 Charles "Chuck" Leahy, Sports Writer 1976 Monte Ito, Sports Writer
1975 Neal Blasdell, Football Coach/Organizer AWARD ESTABLISHED IN 1975

2008 Neal Shaw Blaisdell Award


Thomas Holden - Punahou School Athletic Director for the past 11 years. In the 2007-2008 academic year, the Buffanblu captured 16 of 32 state championship titles and the school’s athletics program was ranked first in the nation by Sports Illustrated magazine in May 2008. Holden has also been instrumental in strengthening Punahou’s long-standing athletic traditions of participation and competitiveness - he oversees a program that includes 115 different sports teams. The SI ranking recognizes the quality and diversity of Punahou School’s athletic program for boys and girls, which invites students to participate at three competition levels - intermediate, junior varsity and varsity.


2007 Neal Shaw Blaisdell Award


Marilyn Moniz Kaho'ohanohano - UH Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator; former UH volleyball athlete and scholar, graduate of William S Richardson School of Law. Since becoming director for women's sports, she has overseen the University's Title IX compliance programs and was instrumental in doubling women's sports participation and earning the University an A-rating in gender equity from the Women's Sports Foundation (one of the few Universities around the country to earn such a high mark). She also supervises the department's student services and academics program, and oversees 12 different sports. All this while raising three daughters.


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