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Honolulu Quarterback Club

The Honolulu Quarterback Club recognizes these Senior Athletes for their outstanding atheletic acheivements.

2009 Senior Athlete-of-the-Year

Donna Fouts

Female - Donna Fouts - Soccer - Donna (third from left, front row) was the team captain and goalie of the Holomua 50+ women’s soccer team that won the gold medal in the seventh annual World Masters Games soccer championship in Australia, allowing only four goals in seven games, while her teammates scored a total of 33 goals.




Johnathon Lyau

Male – Johnathon Lyau – Age: 45 – McKinley High School Graduate – Track Coach and Champion Runner – Jonathan is the 2009 inductee to The Honolulu Marathon Hall of Fame. Some of his accomplishments are: 1982 State High School Track Champion 3200m (Mckinley High); 1994 and 2002 Great Aloha Run Champion; 1993 to 2004 and 2006-present - Honolulu Marathon Kamaaina, 1st to finish champion (16x).



2009 Johnathon Lyau, track coach and champion runner Donna Fouts, soccer team captain and goalie
2008 Cappy Sheeley, swimmer Linda Kaiser, swimmer, runner, triathlete
2007 Jack Karbens, track and field standout Brenda Andrieu, track and field, swimming

2008 Senior Athlete-of-the-Year


Female - Linda Kaiser (58) - There isn’t much that stops Linda from accomplishing her athletic goals, except maybe jellyfish. On her first attempt to swim the Molokai to Honolulu channel, she swallowed one - it was an ugly experience. But a week later she was back in the water off Molokai at 8 pm; 15 hours and 26 miles later, she was on the beach on Oahu, only the second female to swim the treacherous channel. In fact, she has swum seven of the eight channels between the Hawaiian Islands chain (all but Kauai to Oahu), the first female to cross three of the seven, and the second to cross the other four. In addition, she has completed all 28 Tin Man Triathlons, usually placing in the top three in her age group. Add to that more than 50 marathons, 10 ultra marathons, and countless long-distance rough water swims. She finished second in her age group in the 2008 Honolulu Triathlon, and first in the FireCracker triathlon. She was inducted into the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame last October.


Male - Cappy Sheeley (68) - A swimming standout at Punahou School and El Camino College, where he earned All-American status in both swimming and water polo. He is a multi-record holder in all butterfly swimming events at the national US Masters Swimming level, and last year set a national record in the 50-meter butterfly for the 65-69 age group. During the year, he also finished first in his age group in all of the Hawaii ocean swimming events, including the Waikiki Rough Water and all four of the North Shore swims. He finished third overall (out of all men and women) in the annual Outrigger Invitational, over 50, one-mile ocean swim. He was inducted into the El Camino College Hall of Fame in 1993, and the Hawaii Swimming Hall of Fame last October.

2007 Senior Athlete-of-the-Year


Female - Brenda Andrieu 67 -multi-sport athlete - willing to try new events; earned a gold and three silvers at the National Senior Olympics in Louisville, including a silver in the hammer throw and the pole vault, both new events for her. Also competed in swimming, where she says she just stays on top of the water. All this after recovering from a leg injury. Earned several golds in both swimming and track events at the Hawaii Senior Olympics in November.





Male - Jack Karbens 66 - Nationally ranked track and field athlete and pentathlete; competed in approximately 30 track meets during the year, for 35th consecutive year. Earned age-group gold in pentathlon at USA National Masters Championships, gold in the 4 x 100 relay at the National Senior Olympics, gold in the discus and relay at the 2007 National Canadian Masters Championships. Met all-American track and field standards for Men 65-69 in the Pentathlon, Weight Pentathlon and 56 pound weight toss. Also won medals in the masters division of the Hawaiian Scottish Games, the Hawaii Senior Olympics and the UH Sunset Series. All this while overcoming a viral infection, heal spur and other aches and pains associated with being 66. His motto: as soon as a meet is over, I assume it is history and the only thing that matters is getting ready for the next chance to compete. Favored events include the sprints, middle distance runs, horizontal jumps, and all of the throws - javelin, hammer, shot put, discus and weight toss, plus swimming and basketball competitions at the seniors or masters levels.


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